What we are all about

At shark loans, we are all about providing our thousands of customers across the UK with affordable simple logbook loan secured on car in the fastest time possible. We are cognizant that every once in a while, people with bad credit are also pressed for financial needs and therefore need a partner that can advance them the same without making them pass through a credit check lens. So long as you own a car, we do not ask many questions as to why you need a loan or what you need it for. We are open to providing you with the best services and as a result have within our ranks highly qualified and trained team of specialists conversant with customer relations and understand what it means to provide our customers with the best services.

Our objective

At shark loans, our core and main objective is to help and advance logbook loans to individuals all over UK who have been refused by mainstream lenders due to bad credit. What this essentially means is that we do not discriminate and therefore offer affordable logbook loans to individuals who are dealing with bankruptcy, have a history of CCJs and even defaults. We stand tall among other lenders in the United Kingdom because we have the right logbook loan product irrespective of whether you are employed fulltime, self employed or a part timer.

Why we should be your choice

At shark loans, we treat our customers professionally, disclose all fees applicable to a loan in advance and provide professional advice to our customers before they can be advanced a loan. We are honest, above board and offer the most affordable personal loans to individuals irrespective of their history with ccjs or defaults. We approve loan applications within the same day and ensure that our customers get their money within hours of their application. We are reputable, respected and adhere to high levels of professionalism in so far as advancing of loans is concerned. What’s more? We understand that providing our customers with the best service is our calling. In that regard, we partner with top ranking websites that offer incisive information on money advice and how you can manage the same.

What do you need to do?

If you are pressed for cash and are of legal age, a resident of the United Kingdom and legally own a car, you can contact us today and our team of experts will help you in choosing the right logbook loan product for you. We don’t care what your credit score is and are committed to giving you the much needed cash you require within hours of your application.